i havent researched yet but i am looking at some kool guitar bodies on ebay and i was wondering if and when i choose a guitar body are there certain necks that will go with it or can any neck size go on the body?
no sir

you have to make sure that the scale length of the neck and body match as well as the fit between the heel and the pocket.
And done forget the fret count. A 25.5 scale can have a 24 and a 22 fret neck.
ok. umm could you put it in a simpler term so i could understand. im not that guitar part savy. but i think i understand the second post about you could put a smaller size neck on a certain sized body. right?
No, what they're saying is that not just any neck will fit a body.

Not all neck pockets (the part of the body where the neck bolts in) and all neck heels (the butt end of a neck) are compatible.

The easiest way to ensure that they work is to get a body that has a neck pocket to Fender neck specs, and to get a neck with a neck heel that conforms to Fender specs.
Pretty much every major after market neck company makes necks with Fender neck heels, so that's not a problem.

Secondly, not every guitar has the same scale length (the distance between the guitar's nut, and the guitar's bridge). Les Pauls and most Gibson style guitars use a 24.75" scale. Fender uses a 25.5" scale for the most part. PRS uses a 25" scale. Get the idea?
yeah that makes alot of sense. thanks. so what about width? can you get a bigger width on a neck?

so to get a longer neck on a guitar you have to custmize it urself?
Umm...Well, why do you want a longer neck? Longer necks feel different. For example, I prefer how a 24.75" scale feels.

Also, a longer neck changes the sound. That's why Bass guitars sound so...well...bassy. They use around a 34" scale.

and do you mean nut width? Yeah. A lot of companies will make a different nut width for you.
Warmoth and Musikraft are two after market neck companies.
o ok. yeah i was just wondering about the length. and the width is because i would kinda like a wider neck because my fingers feel quite cramped so i would like a little more working room.
so what company, type, or brand of guitar do you sugest for a "big" person like me? and plz dont say a bass guitar. thats what made me discontinue my other accounts on the other forums. lol. hilarious i know but still (rock on sign)
Well, there's always Baritone guitars. Look into those. It's not a brand, but a type of guitar. It's basically a long scale guitar. Darker, deeper tone than a normal guitar. Think of it as being a mix of a bass guitar and a normal guitar.

I also have huge hands, though mostly just long fingers, not necessarily thick.
Because of this, I prefer thicker necks.

I would suggest checking outan Epiphone SG G-400, that's what I have. It has a fairly thick neck.

If you like Fenders, if you can find a MIM Strat for cheap, you can easily order a neck from Warmoth.com, or Musikraft, with a much thicker "boat" or thick "C" shaped profile. I find that a neck profile is a bigger influence on how much a guitar feels better in my big hands than nut width.
The Epiphone has a larger neck, but they have a set neck, not good for a project. The Ibanez guitars will have a thin wide neck, this is what I perfer, I have large hands also. Some of the ESP/LTD have a large neck also. The Fenders will a rounder neck compared to the rest.
I would go to the local guitar shop and try some out, this way you can get the feel for the neck you like. From that point you can a used or put one together. It will be very hard to say that brand X is for you.
You can check Rondo Music on line for cheap copies that get good reviews.
yeah, I'm sure there is a guitar that will fit you comfortably. I suggest you go to a music store a play several guitars with varying neck sizes. Brands like Ibanez and jackson have very thin necks, to fenders which are about standard, to the "base-ball bat" gibson les pauls, and maybe even some acoustic necks.

That should give you a good idea of what kidn of neck contour and diameter you want.

Also if you have the cash, warmoth makes great custom necks, they can cut a neck that's is just to your specifications if you are willing to drop a a couple hundred.
do they use the same neck specs for the ephione sg g-400 as they do for the les paul?

does the neck kinda feel like an acoustic guitars on the sg g-400 and les paul?
All Epi use a 12" radius fretboad, and a 60 style neck shape, this came From Epi customer's service.
Fender also uses a 12" radius, Ibanez for the most part is 16" radius, most Jackson/Charvel is 14". All have different neck profiles.
Quote by Davers440
And done forget the fret count. A 25.5 scale can have a 24 and a 22 fret neck.

Sorry if this sounds offensive but how can one scale length have two necks?

Or if you mean something else...
^ The number of frets has nothing to do with scale length. The fretboard on a 24 fret guitar with a 25.5 inch scale will extend closer to the bridge than on that of a fretboard on a 22 fret guitar.
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