Hi, as the title says i have never owned or even played a guitar that didn't have fret buzz (unless it had insane high action and was almost unplayable).

First question, does a brilliantly setup guitar with nice low action and playability but with no fret buzz at all exist?

second and most important to me right now is this: I have an ibanez sz320. I am currently in the process of trying to set it up.

The action was very high and there was a pretty decent sized bow in the neck when i got it. First thing i did was lowered the action to something sensible but i straight away got massive fret buzz. ok i thought so i started adjusting the truss rod.

I straightened it out quite a bit, understanding that some guitars require a slight bow and probably more so with my style of music which is metal. so i am straightening the truss rod bit by bit and i get to a point where i have to highten the bridge/action as the buzz is still there even with a straighter neck.

I feel as though the only way to get a buzzless fretboard is with high action. This is the same situation i find myself in with every guitar i have ever owned. also as i am straightening the neck and hightening the action the feel of the strings starts to get tighter which i do not want at all!!!

what am i doing wrong? i have taken various guitars to local techs who have supposedly set them up but i get them home only to realise the fret buzz is still there and as usual the strings seem to have gotten tighter.

I am really downheartened over the whole thing and have even thought about quitting guitar. I am not a heavy picker by the way, i use really light picks aswell.

please help
the low e is always gonna buzz alittle but who cares with the distortion on i don't really notice. it your other strings buzz then you have a problem.
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also you need heavy picks for heavy metal

well i know thats not true so..............
I feel the same as you..

I messed with my guitar trying to get rid of fretbuzz and thought the action was way too high.. I took it to get setup, get it back and the action seems just as high if not higher and i've got more fretbuzz, nearly everywhere..
I took it back and the guy told me I don't have to pick so hard and I have to let the pickups do the work.. this makes sense and works but I have to pick extremely light in places for no buzz which seems strange, I just want my guitar to be how it should be :p
Stresses me out.
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