I play mostly 60's and 70's music. Do I really need a delay pedal, if so which one would be the best tape simulator? I mean a REAL tape sim, where it even emulates the tape flutter, and hissing background noise, everything, good and bad. Any suggestions?

Also, what other effects would I need?

I am planing on getting a compressor, only because my amp ain't got too much sustain. I also want to get a phaser that can emulate a synthesizer pretty good. Only problem is I only want to spend like $200 on it. A harmonizer would be neat in it's own right. I also plan to get the DigiTech MultiChorus.

Any other I may need?
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Even tho you probly aint going directly for a David Gilmour sound (as far as I know..) but whith those questions the buyers guide on http://www.gilmourish.com/ can definetally help
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From what I hear, the Danelectro Reel Echo might work for you...
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Also, how would one dial in the settings on a delay to get a flanger sound?
I'm asking because back in the 60's the only way to get effects like that were with a tape delay, Echoplex, so yeah. How could I emulate this on a delay pedal?

Also, Danno (Danelectro) makes a flanger that's supposed to emulate this. It's 30 bucks, so I don't know how well for the price. Also the Boss Space Echo is a nice tape sim. I'm just not sure I would use it that much for the price. I don't know what I want. :P

I guess just buy a few tape sims, and dial each one for a different setting?


Delay #1: dial in for flanger/phaser
Delay #2: dial in for chorus effect
Delay #3: dial in for slapback
Delay #4: dial in as main delay unit

I guess that would work.

a bit expensive for 4 or 5 tape sims, but I know I would get better quality out of a regular phaser, chorus, etc.

The Danelectro flanger sounds kinda cool, also for $30 it ain't like I'd be out that much anyway. And what if it does work, then hey!!

Like said, I don't know what I want. :P :P LOL
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I have the Dano Flanger, really like it. It definitely has the retro sound I like for classic rock, i.e. Trower, Marino etc.
Look around and you may get lucky like I did. I bought rack-sized analog delay by Yamaha that's flexible enough to get some of the sounds you seek. $25. USD from a flea market.
Boss makes a pedal that emulates a Roland Space Echo. The reviews say it's very close to the real thing. Otherwise, you're probably better off getting a real tape echo.