ok i searched on making a combo act as a head, and someone in one of the posts said you cant hook it up through the direct out, i took the actually amp out and the speaker is connected via a 4 prong plug, my question is, is there a way to hook a speaker out to that so i can play through my cab, i have no head andf i really just want to see if the speakers are wicked **** or not
You should be able to just get some alligator clips or something and connect it to the cable going to the cab to be powered. I put an Ext. Speaker Out jack on my combo and it works just fine. Just make sure the impedances match up.
ok i figured out what im going to now, thank you, but now i need a little more help before i screw somethign up

there are two input jacks on the back of my cab. do i need to have something in both inputs to get all 4 speakers working? If so do i need to get a stereo or a mono output jack for the "head", and woudl i need one or two?... i get wicked confused on this kind of stuff and i wanna go to school for audio production hahaha
the jacks arent labeled individually it just says CRATE made in china , then power handling: 120 watts RMS
impedance: 8 ohms

I'd really like to figure this out tonight and go to radio shack tommorow haha any help is appreciated
ok i think this should be close to my last question on this, i went to radio shack and i got everythign all set... except, i bought a stereo 1/4" phone jack and i dont know where to put the negative and positive wires on the jack, does it even matter where they go? IT's a three-conductor if that helps any
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