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4 33%
8 67%
Voters: 12.
Oh god...not this again.

People hate the low end, budget B.C. Rich model, because they are total ****. The higher end ones are really good guitars.

Also their weird shapes piss me off
Warlocks look kinda sweet, but the headstocks look silly and lame, and the bronze series that doesn't have the tacky headstock plays and sounds like **** ):
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they suck.
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Hey man i have a BC Rich Mockingbird Special X and its the best guitar ive played (besides Les Paul's) but i mean this guitar has a classic/hard rock crunchy tone to it amd doesn't deplete volume....I think most people hate BC Rich's because most of the lower priced (and some of the higher priced) guitars are made from plastic or some wood that doesnt compliment to tone and because the guitars are so poorly built unless you buy the more expensive ones. If your trying to get a BC Rich than get one of the more expensive ones with a set-neck because there deffinately worth the money.
hey any custom shop Rich is like God-send...it's just magnificence, you just have to put in at least 500-700 dollars for a good one
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