ohk so ive been looking to upgrade to a tube amp and after looking around I've kinda got my heart set on the Traynor YCV50 Blue. My problem is that it costs WAY to much in Australia.
The price for one in the states is around $750 US ($814 AUS roughly) as i saw on Musician's friend which is right in my price range BUT i only found them on two Australian sites and they cost alot more ($1850-$2000 AUS).

So i guess my question is:
A) Why the hell do they cost more than twice as much over here?
B) does anyone know anywhere in the US (or place with a similar price) that ships to Australia?
Everything costs twice as much in AUS than it does here, usually. Customs usually...

Not sure of where else will ship to australia, but I do remember some place doing it.
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Go to Whistler on a one year work visa, like thousands of other Aussies (and many good friends of mine), buy one in Vancouver (they are made in Canada) and have it shipped back after your work year.
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^haha that is pretty excessive , id prefer to just get one shipped.