My question is there any way to make your tunning keys have more drag. I have a les paul special player 2. I was just changing the strings on and doing my monthly mantinence and i realized tht my tunning keys get wobbly or loose when i turn it enough. Wht i was wondering is there anyway to put more drag on the tunning keys.
there should be a screw on your tuning key (on the knob). Screw it righty tighty
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yeah a screw should be on the head of the knob its pretty much standard procedure to have them
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no its not on the side of the key there are two screws tht keep intact with the headstock. Is it possible to unscrew tht and make any adjustment
Nope. If the keys themselves are pressed onto the shafts, rather than affixed with a screw into the end of the shaft, you're SOL. In reality, tightening the screw that holds the key on the shaft only adjusts the friction you feel as you turn the key. The gear backlash is part and parcel of the tuner manufacture, or extreme wear thereof, and can't be adjusted.

i.e., if you tune down, then try to tune back up, the peg moves through a bit of a turn before actually doing anything. This is the gear backlash.
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