Got some stuff for sale...Pics below

Digitech Grunge Pedal. It is barley used and has all original instructions and packaging ($30). It is a great pedal but does not suit my style any more. Also a EHX/Boss adapter. Plug the chord into your EHX power plug and then lug your Boss adapter into the box. EHX uses awkward adapters that don't work with Boss style power supplies. Problem solved ($7).

Kinda hard to see but here is a Tele's electronics all wired up. All you need is pickups and a face plate. ($5)

Here are a set of tuners, they fit teles and strats. ($5). Also pictured are tele's neck and bridge pup. They came from a Classic Telecaster. The neck is smooth and very vintage sounding. The bridge is hot but not too hot. Nicely balanced. Full leads. $10 each or $18 for both.

Thanks for looking...
Bump for the man building the amp.

Come on people, hes building a friggen amp, and needs money. If you have money but dont need it, buy the stuff anyways.
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got a bigger picture of the tuners?
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interested in the tuners as well... let me know... also i live in Hamilton... might be easier on you there as well...