Hey, guys. Friday, I am trying out for a band thats going to be on warped tour for two or three weeks. Can you guys recommend some nice progressive/alternative rock tunes to listen to for some inspiration. I am more of a metal player so this is kinda unfamiliar to me. I need some songs with some technical solos because I'm trying out for the lead guitar. Your help is greatly appreciated!
what band?
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Huh? A band that has enough credibility to be on Warped tour hasn't given you direction to some of their *own* stuff to learn for the audition?! I find it stunning that they'd even consider having someone just show up without any of their material prepared and just expect to jam on some random song/s in hopes that something worthwhile comes out of it.

I mean, I can't imagine *any* pro band not outlining pretty specific criteria for an audition.

ex. Learn Song X, Y, and Z in the keys they are on on the album. Solos (if any) should be note-for-note on song X and Y, but may be open to stylistic interpretation on song Z. We want you to have your own sound, which should be good, but not necessarily exactly like the sound of our former guitar player. We are looking for what flavours and character YOU will bring to the band, given your level of preparation on these songs.

That sort of thing.

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