this band first of all is a side project to my metal and is going to be less frenzied and less serious than my other band. We are going to play with 2 guitars, a bass, a keyboard player, 2 male vocalists(me and the other guitarist) and a female vocalist(keyboardist as well) and i was wondering if anyone could suggest to me some songs that would make use of a line up such as mine. any help would be much appreciated.
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a song with 2 guitars, and a keyboard


its been such a long time - Boston - great song.........but i think it has one guitar....but check the tab..
Dark Star - Grateful Dead
China Cat Sunflower - Grateful Dead
It Hurts Me Too - Grateful Dead
I suggest checking out some stuff by Nightwish. I havent heard a lot of their material, but they do have keyboards and a female vocalist. Im not sure how many guitarists they have however.
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Check out some 10,000 Maniacs Material, maybe some Fleetwood Mac, and possibly some Heart music. Even if she can't sing/play all of that stuff, it'd be worth checking out.
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Male and female vox with guitars and keys.... I'm thinking along the lines of Evanescence if you want to be a little more contemporary.

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