I had this problem happen twice under warranty, and now its happening again. Only problem i have really ever had with this guitar tho.

Apparently its somewhat common.

If I have the guitar turned up to 10, everything is just dandy, and as i turn it down the volume out of my amp follows accordingly, until i hit around 2 on the volume knob, then theres a kind of scratching noise and the volume jumps back up to around maximum in what is marked on my knob as 0-2...

I am not very knowledgeable on volume pots, and malfunctions or signs of them just being dirty etc etc.

Does this description ring a bell of a pretty straight forward culprit? And suggestions on a more permanent fix?

I don't feel like paying PRS to take my guitar away for several weeks and then when i get it back for this to repeat in a month :P

thanks in advance!
Best, most permanent solution: install a new volume pot. They cost like five dollars.
PRS probably has a pile of defective ones, and when they 'fix' yours, all they do is plug in a defective one.

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agreed. take em into your local guitar store and if they dont have to tear the guitar apart too much they'll put new ones in for you for less than $20...i have to take in another guitar for the exact same problem sometime next week.