Fun! Makes me wanna' dance -

...and I HATE dancing - unless I've got a guitar strapped on - and I didn't even have one strapped on!
Never Say Never's the one I listened to.

I'll try to check the others later. Gotta' see what other cool stuff other people are posting on here too.
Thanks a ton.. I'm glad you like it!

And I highly recommend listening to Wake Up and The Machine if you get a chance.


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Lol I like the logo of Atlas, that's sorta neat;

You guys are p. good! I didn't know what to expect and I was even more surprised when I heard a girl singing. Your stuff has this element of jubilance to it that makes me so giddy, and I hate that word.

The intro for this song was p. cool, you guys mix a lot of sounds pretty well, you manage the heavy riff and then cut to an AC/DC style chorus. I dug the lead guitar parts, w/ the unison bends and whatnot.

How old are you guys? Like I liked your singing voices but you sounded so little(though I think that adds to the fun) xD I'm 16 and I can't sing worth a damn though, so I'm in no position to poke fun I guess ^_^

The solo was another piece of interest, it wasn't your generic rip up the fretboard solo, but it wasn't a figure of melody either, it was really p. cool. It had this dirty sorta sound to it that I liked, tbh I didn't care for the end of the solo(was it tapping or something?) because I felt like it lost momentum going out. Your leads are cool, they have like this "secret agent" feel to them ^_^

Overall this song was great, I really enjoyed it!

Crit me?

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Thanks a ton.. that's probably the best criticism we've gotten, ever!
Actually we're all 15 or 16, and our drummer is 14. Some of us look older, but we do sound like a teenage band.

And yeah, the solo is done with both the guitars playing together. I'm tapping in the right channel and our other guitarist is tremolo picking in the left channel. Our lead singer plays guitar as well, if you care to listen to our song "The Machine." Actually if you could listen to all of the other ones that would be fantastic.

Off to crit your song now...


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Electronic Audio Experiments