So i've been playing guitar for 4 or so years now mainly as an electric player.
But i really have started enjoying the acoustic more. But my acoustic now is terrible and i want a new one. I sort-of want an acoustic electric but i think it might be better to get a soundhole pickup.

So i stayed in guitar center today for 2 hours in the acoustic room. And played a bunch of acoustics. My favorites were the Takamine GS330S and the GS430S. They both have a solid cedar top.

I've been browsing the acoustic forum for a week or so now and i've found that a lot of people here don't really like Ibanez Acoustics but i liked some of the ones i played.

Sorry if this seems scattered but if anyone wants to suggest some acoustics here is what i'm really wanting:

- Price limit is $350-$400
- I want an OM style body? just no jumbo. sort of like John Mayer's guitar...
- Preferably electro acoustic but if i have too, i'll do a sound hole pickup.
- And i want it too look and sound great of course haha.

And yes i read the sticky, it just didn't have what i wanted =/.
Thanks in advance!
OM means orchestral model right? I have one (check my sig) its hard top so you can play it without plugging it in, but any takamine is quality really.
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You seem to enjoy the sound of Cedar tops - so check out Seagull acoustic guitars. All of their guitars (until you get to the really expensive ones) have Cedar tops, and sound beautiful. Not sure if they make an Orchestra model, but you will probably find one you like anyway. The S6 is an amazing guitar, and is in your price range.
I like that seagull s6. I'll have to play it next time i go to a guitar store
I just bought a Cort SF5, exclusive to UK and Eire and its absolutely awesome.

Electro acoustic, solid cedar top, mahogany back and sides with Fishman 4T electronics

Sounds amazing IMO
Went looking for an acoustic guitar, once, upgrading to a solid top. First one I looked at was a Seagull, beautiful it was. Decided to keep looking thoroughly. Few weeks later decided that none in my price range were as good as the seagull and...it had gone! It being Italy they werent getting any in for a while.

Go for the Seagull!
The Seagull does look great but i have just one question so that i don't have to start another thread.

Since it isn't an acoustic electric, i would have to buy a pickup to put in it.
But the person that plays acoustic at my church has a taylor that he bought used that has a sound hole pickup in it, but he still plugs it in through the back strap button.
If that makes any sense. like in this video


Would i be able to do that?
you could, but the electronics in the Seagull are cheaper because you dont have to buy the soundhole pickup and then pay for installing it through the back stap button. Also, magnetic soundhole pickups don't sound very good on their own.

With seagull, you should be able to buy the Q2 electronics system. it's a very simple system, but very good as well. it's got an undersaddle pickup and well as a gooseneck mic within the guitar so that you can get the most natural sound possible.