My band Prodyn recently played Open Mic Night at the rest of the band's school. Here are some songs from that, any comments are fine, just no 'zomg JayFerK sux bawlz'. Some parts of the recordings are hard to hear whats going on.

Black Label cover (He is playing the beginning riff right, the string came off the saddle though)

The Chosen Belief, an original song.

Entombment Of A Machine cover (At the scream part our singer threw a Dora doll, its a tradition. Guitarists cord fell out at one point. )

Wicked Dreams, another original

Again, all comments are welcome. Our myspace link is myspace.com/prodyn . Thanks for listening/watching.
Not a huge fan of death metal, but you guys sound good.
C4C with my band? It's in my sig.


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