I took a guitar course at school 2 years ago (which got me started) but it was largely just chords, then a bit of simple picking. I got a guitar about half way through the course so that once it was over I could still play, but eventually my guitar was abandoned in the corner.

Living in University residence, I've gotten back into playing. I'm relatively horrible, even for something as basic as strumming. I'm trying to play some recognizable songs, but even Stairway gets butchered by my clumsy fingers, anyone have any advice on simple exercises to do to increase dexterity/not suck?
yeah just keep playing man, look up some easy artists/bands and just play.. your fingers will get used to playing over time
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For finger picking just finger pick through chords starting out very slowly then gain speed or switch up the rhythm and such.....
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check out the song 3 libras by a perfect circle, i usually use it as a warm up, its good to get your fingers going, and its a good song to learn
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Alright guys thanks for the advice, I'll check out 3 libras too.
Its a good song (Libras) but you would have to tune differently.

Try End of an Anchor by Dashboard Confessional. Don't just it by the band, its a VERY good way to practice fingerpicking, same with Dust in the Wind. End of an Anchor has done godly things for my fingerpicking.
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