in the instructions it says to solder the braid to the pot and we cant get the solder to stick on there has anyone done this before? here is a link to the inst. sheet

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Yep. You need flux. Flux is the stuff that cleans the surface of whatever it is you are soldering.

Everyone buys "rosincore" solder, which has a flux in the center of the wire. It varies in diameters. This is what im talking about.


If you can grab some, just solder with that and it will be fine. Good luck.
I did it with a pencil tip soldering iron and its hard. It could just be my soldering skills. I hear using a soldering iron tip like a flathead screwdriver makes it soldering ground wires easier? I own the p bass set.
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the more surface area that the tip touches of the pot, the hotter and faster the solder will melt. Yes, the screwdriver tip would be ok. It takes some practice, you'll get it.
Rub down the back of the pot with steel wool, then use a clean soldering iron (clean it with a damp sponge or tip cleaner/tinner) and 60/40 rosin core solder. I used to have a lot of problems soldering to the back of pots with my 25w iron, but then I went up to 46w and I barely have any problems soldering anything
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scratch the pot up with a screwdriver. don't use less than 30 watts either, pencil tip is fine. put flux on both the braid and pot first, then heat the pot up and put a glob of solder on it. put some solder on the braid, this is called tinning. now you just have to heat the braid and pot enough for the solder to melt, remove the iron, and when it cools you should have a nice shiny joint. if its not shiny redo it, chances are its cold and thats no good. if your running multiple pickups through that one pot you can use the same glob on the pot for all of the braids.