I want to make a footswitch and I really dont want to spend 30 or so bucks for one since i am trying to save some money.

I have a somewhat good knowledge of electronics. What all do i need? anyone have a schematic?

edit: btw i only need an on off switch...I dont need to make a channel selector or anything.

Ive looked through some threads and do i pretty much just need the dpdt switch?

Ive got an enclosure already, and I would probably buy some 1/4 jacks and stick em in the enclosure and make it look somewhat nice.

But, do I just need to wire the switch to a 1/4 cable and thats it? does the switch need a certain rating?
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Are you saying you want a killswitch? Or do you want an A/B switch to go between two different amps?

its actually more like this, but im guessing its pretty much the same?
anyone know if a Digitech GNX4 will work with a Fender FM25dsp? Does not seem to work in foot peddle plug. Do I need to plug it in to where the guitar would plug in?