This is a song that is very metaphoric. c4c

Miss Morning

I found you in the supermarket of lies
You helped me through the lonliest of nights
The classroom is waving down
For me to come out of this cloud
Affair I'm having with you

The reason I wake up in the morning
The reason I stay alive
I know you cant' leave me
'cuz what choice do you have
You're my morning glory
and making me sick

Some call it addiction or calling sad
I call it afflicted love, what I've never had
A when I'm feelin down
You bring me higher than the clouds
And bring crashing back down


Hi , First of all you have some sweet and nice ideas in there . It might be a little cliche but whatever works for you . I feel that song is missing something .Some of the lines are awkwardly phrased and can be rephrased much better

Some call it addiction or calling sad

just rephrase it better like

Some call it addiction
Some think its sad.

And bring crashing back down

Same with this line .

The main problem here is that some of the lines really feel disjointed and whole story inside your song seems to be in seperate pieces which are not tied up by one centeral idea.

At some places like in chorus flow is not that good . It can be me anbd my melody though.

Overall a nice song not that gr8 not that bad just ok . Research more for ur future pieces .keep writing in metaphors if that's ur thing...

hope this helps