ya thats definitely not good. the first thing you should try is replacing the tube immediately, before you use the amp again. if its a power tube, you should really replace both of them and have it biased at a shop to make sure the tube was the issue and not something else.

DO NOT OPEN YOUR AMP UP. the voltages inside WILL kill you.

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You should have your tubes tied....

No im only kidding. Replace the tube, dont turn it on again. It could go violently and take the other tubes or even the amp with it.........like me.

Oh yea, dont open your amp, there is voltage stored even when the amp is turned off that can kill you, just open it enough to change the tubes.

EDIT: My V3 blew......Carvin coincidence? hmm
A blue glow inside the tube means that the tube has gas inside the tube that is being pushed against the outside of the glass. Or at least that is what I think is happening. But, my Road King's tubes glow blue when they are being used. But, if you say your sound is cutting out, then you might wanna get those tubes replaced...
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The hotbar should be floating parallel to the principle axis at this point. Next, take a hammer, and beat yourself in the face while crying JIHAD. problem fixed.

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Note: It will take a little while to do this... It happened twice before I started to get concerned, and it was about 10 minutes in. I doubt that matters though. Kinda like dead batteries. You can use them for a decreasing amount of time each time you turn the item on.
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In this case, any suggestions for tubes?

Check out the tubes sticky, they have some good info on different tubes in there.
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It can KILL you if you open up your amp.....:|
damn. I'm afraid of changing tubes now
you don't have to open up your amp to change tubes. but, seeing how you almost took out your transformer thinking it was a reverb tank, i'd let an amp tech look at it
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Are JJ's sold in stores, or only online? Because no one I called has them. And I definitely want them.

And agian:

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If my amp has a bias switch to set to EL34 or 6L6, does it really need to be rebiased if I get one of them (would be EL34)?

Because I don't know if it would...