Ok, so, when i use guitar pro, my speakers work fine.
When i try to watch a youtube video, or anything on the internet, i get no sound.

Now, under control panel > sound and audio devices it said "No Audio Device"

So, i looked under my computer > device manager (i think thats right) > sound, and i saw a yellow mark on one of the things there, so i downloaded new drivers for it, (i think), and the yellow mark went away.

The i look under the control panel > sounds and audio devices and i see it says "SoundMAX Digital Audio" so i figure i fixed it.

I still dont get any sound off.

Mind you, it still works fine on guitar pro.

Halp me UG.
guitar pro uses midi sound.. im pretty sure.

make sure nothing is muted and everything is turned all the way up in your volume bar. Thats usualy the problem with people with less computer knowledge...

if you installed some major program then that may have screwed with your sound, try to restore your computer and see what you did wrong. Maybe the driver ****ed up?
^Yeah bring up your system volume and max every slider out. If you can't see too many sliders go under file and fill in all check boxes.

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