Was just wondering what mods, to any guitar, be it pickups for strats or other, would make the music very psychedelic ie Pink Floyd or King Crimson?
The 'psychedelic' sound you're probably thinking of comes partly from a bit of overdrive and mostly from quite a few effects-phaser, flanger, reverb and echo are the ones that immediately come to mind. I don't think there's an awful lot that you could do to your guitar to get a more psychedelic sound, unless you can get Gilmour to play it for you. Gilmour used a Strat, Robby Krieger used an SG, Jerry Garcia used an SG...there's no particular pupsor guitar that do psychedelia.

What you can do that will get a psychedelic sound is grab a couple of reasonably good effects pedals and get used to using them. It's not too difficult to get quite a nice sound from a multieffects pedal, too. I used a Digitech RP200 and could get an awesomely trippy sound from it, using phaser, wah, swell and reverb. I'd advise getting something along those lines before thinking about modding your guitar.
1) do a swirl paintjob on it
2) if you have the money a fernandes sustainer could prob help you make some cool psychedelic music
3) put weed compartment/acid dispenser in guitar
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