I have been jamming in a couple bands Im in and no matter what I do I always get frustrated or pissed off when I introduce a oringal song of mine to one of the bands. Because I will working on a song for about 2 months and when I introduce it to the band we will jam on it for a little bit, then they just throw it away ( not that the song wasn't good but that they done give a ****) and I feel like that was a wasted song and we can never use it again and I can not give it to another band.

what should I do?
make your own band......

and then introduce the song to them

but yeah i have introduced a song of mine to my friend and he wants nothing to do with a made up song.....but i thought it was awesome....but we through it away
Well its yours no matter what, Id look for some musicians with the same "vision" as you, or maybe more motivated people who give a ****. Those songs are only a waste if you give up on them.