I ordered these. not realizing that it was a set of 7 (both of my guitars are 6 string).

I bought them because the gauge is thicker on the low strings, which should be nice for drop-B. I have Top Heavy Bottoms on it now, but I had to raise the action a little too much for my liking when I went from drop-C to drop-B.

So should I string it as 13-17-26-36-46-56, or 10-13-17-36-46-56? Will the tone be off if I left the 10 off?
go 13-56...i kno this stuff...trust me i play 7strings
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I'm putting them on a six string. so I am wondering if I should go all thicker gauge, or keep the bottom three the regular gauge strings.
For drop-B, 10 - 56
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The 13-56 option would be the best, as there is an even interval between each string, allowing a more consistent sense of tension at that tuning. The tops 3 strings may be a little weird to solo on at first but after a while you become accustomed.