ive been playing for about a year and 1/2 but about 2 days ago i picked up my guitar to do another one of my heavy practice sessions and my left arm went numb and wouldnt move. i can play a little now just basic stuff like begginer tabs and finger excercises but i usually practice any where from 4-6 hours a day.my arm feels really weak and almost like its not mine should i get it checked by someone or just let it rest 4 or 5 days?
Just let it rest... 4-6 hours is a fucking long time to do ANYTHING for, and I don't CARE what the pros do/say.
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Stop playing guitar until it fully heals; you could cause irreversible damage if you continue playing as is.
For the love of God, STOP. Get it checked out before you do so much as play Smoke on the Water or you might be seriously screwed. That's really not good man, see a doctor as soon as possible.
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Yea same thing happens to me from time to time. It hit me 2 wednesdays ago, and lasted for a week. It will go away, althoguh i am going to a neurologist to have it checked out.
I played with my guitar on my right leg so long, my foot was dead for like 4 months, i had trouble walking, but its better now. Guitar injuries :X

Dont sweat it, i freaked the first time, but it will go away.
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Worst I've had was a sore wrist muscle on my picking hand, and a slight tingling sensation. I still felt that worth getting checked out but I was fine. I strongly suggest you see a GP or chiropractor.
Don't be like me don't play through the pain! It will subside but be very careful about man. give your arm a break for a few days or it may be the last time you pick up an axe.
Ooh... that's happened to me once or twice... it's not usually anything to worry about, but it might help to rest it for a few days, then, start waggling your fingers slowly, then when that feels ok, start slowly moving your arm around very slowly, then you can try with the guitar again...

... I think 11 months of rest is sufficient.
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