Ok, ive decided to set up my PC to record my music. I have a pretty good pc and a 500gb hard drive with Sonar 4. what do i need to make a decent quality recording? do i just need a mixer to plug in my amp directly to the comp. For drums I use guitar pro so thats not a problem. Some advice will be appreciated. Thanx.
It depends on your sound card. Usually, I'd plug my guitar through my Digitech straight into the computer. A mixer would help, but it's not necessary. Sonar should be good enough as a program. Other than that, I don't think much else is needed. But then, I'm a noob.
I use condenser mics, preamp, and a MAC baby! You also need some good software, but I don't think logic works on PC so . . . SOL
Depends if you're just recording guitar parts, or a whole band. If you just want guitar parts with automated tracks, you need something like Reason or Acid Pro - Guitar Pro is okay, but there is a lot better out there. Theres plenty of ways to record in a line in fashion, but it gets a bit more complex if you're recording from a mic - sound quality may be a problem.
highly depends on your budget which everyone should set...

get either a PCI, USB, or firewire interface with built in preamps and XLR inputs, the Mackie Onyx Satellite works well for windows XP and is firewire...Great preamps on it too.

after that you need a mic, the Shure SM57 is a great mic to start out on and works for a ton of different settings from vocals to acoustic guitars to drum mics.

You don't NEED a mixer to run audio into your PC.
Look over tweaks guide and then the UG recording videos at the top of this board.
You need $$....

But if you have money here is my setup which I love:

MAC computer (I run a laptop Macbook pro - but want to switch to a mac pro desktop)
Logic Pro Software (the best software IMO...)
M-Audio 410 (400$)
Rode NT1A Condenser Microphone (300-400$)
Shure SM 57 & SM 58 (just by the 57 if you think you need it - i barely use it...)

Thats it - plugins come with logic pro and it's ready to record right from the box...