pretty cool stuff, i like ambient evil songs. one chord change at the star sounds really wrong though.this would be much better as a long extended acoustic type intro followed by some brutal metal riffing. opeth style.
i think the sencond song is definitely better right now. oops didnt realize it was a cover! i like what you have done with that one as well.
keep it coming.
crit some of the stuff in my sig? first or third are the best ones.
like the beginning but think it probably doesn't need the gunshot effects. really like the other sound effect that carries on throughout the entire song. can't tell what it is though. guitar part is very nice. fantastic chords. it could probably be a bit tighter though...perhaps a bit of tremollo would sound nice as well. also like how the vocals come back in halfway though. good effort, interesting stuff.

crit mine?
It would be better with just the choir and the sirens, no guns I think. Otherwise it's a good start. The riff reminds me of something but I can't quite figure what it is. It would be really cool if this would build up into something really heavy, doom metal stuff.

Cheers for the 28 days later theme cover too, I love that song.

Would you check out my tune, its in my profile. It's just improv but will probably be a real song some day.