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I've played a few and they're a little better than Squier IMO. Decent starter guitars. My dad has a Stagg ride cymbal on his drum kit and it actually sounds pretty damn nice. Just as good if not better than his Sabian ride.
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Staggs are horrible guitars IMO unless they have drastically improved their quality since the last time I played one.

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I had a stagg strat as my first guitar. Absolutely awful.
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Stagg is belgian .... ooooooh

Yay belgium

I did not know that

They're not bad for the price, decent enough guitars.
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Guitarwise - very bottom of the barrel. Made for tight-wad-dad buying presents at the lowest possible price. Not even good value for the money.
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Stagg is belgian .... ooooooh

Yay belgium

Hmmm... this explains a lot about their crappy quality....

Seriously though, they're cheaply made guitars, designed by Belgians, that should be a fair warning.

I don't really like them myself, I've played a few and personally I prefer Squier in that price range.
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I used to have a Stagg bass and after a month it had fallen apart!

Not to mention that that it played as bad as a long, fudgey turd with elastic strings.