is this guitar any good?

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* Pickups: 2 x HWW hot Humbucker
* Controls: 1 x Volume and 1 x Tone
* PU Selector: 3 way toggle switch
* Body: Solid Alder Wood
* Neck: Hard Maple, bolt on, 648 mm, 25.5 inch
* Fingerboard: Rosewood, 24 frets
* Bridge: Classic S Style Tremolo
* Machine heads: Diecast, nickel
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Diecast machine heads...?
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my cousin had that guitar. it fell apart all over. input jack broke, headstock cracked i think, pickups sucked.
No for 2 reasons, 1). It's a Stagg and 2). It's hideous.
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I honestly think that you looked at it because it has an UB3R H4X shape.

It's also really ugly imo. Typical cheap guitar. Notice how there is no brand name for the parts? It's all Die-cast or S style crap, typical cheap stuff that will not last.
It's hideous
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oi. enough with the commentsc about style. I had that guitar for a week but no i would not recommend it.
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