For those of you who recieve EMA payments, is it just my college that has problems with paying because of some dickslap that says he doesn't believe you were in an exam , among various other ridiculous claims?

P.S. Before you say anything the EMA payments only just pay for me to make my way to college and back everyday.I'm left with £5 after the bus tickets which usually goes on stationary.
Just to let you know.
^ Why apologise anbd make excuses for money that you are entitled to? I get it, and have done for three years, two of sixth form and one of college. (And rarely had problems.)
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I didn't apologise
I'm just sick of some ingorant people thinking I'm only at college for those payments >.<
Thanks for the reply though

I thought the government paid you, not your college?
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Yea some schools can be really annoying with EMA. Ive finished college now but last year i had trouble with it pretty much every week. The teacher in charge would try her level best to find some excuse not to authorise the payment.. such as one missed register or lesson.

(The cause of which were either teachers not bothering to take registers or not being in school to teach the class altogether)

Now, i can see why they check you were in school as thats the purpose of the payment but it gets really frustrating when you've done nothing wrong and its the fault of the teachers.

Everyone in my college that recieved EMA had the same problem so you are not alone!
Yeah the goverment pays us but the college has to authorise it.

It seems that the whole EMA system is ****ed up >.<
The only problems I've had is where I've had an authorised absence (I was in hospital and got a doctors note) yet it took them months to correct the payment

The only other problem has been where I've been in college, had to dash home (I'm my mums career and she needed a bit of help) I got back within the hour and I worked through my lunch instead. But EMA didn't know that and the college didn't inform them that I was late (for a bloody good reason) they just put me down for an un-authorised absense. So watch out for that one guys; if you're 2 minutes late and you don't text in, you lose your payment.

Apart from that, they;ve been pretty good.

Also, did anyone else recieve a christmas bonus??
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Yeah the goverment pays us but the college has to authorise it.

It seems that the whole EMA system is ****ed up >.<


all students should get it.

just throwing that out there, not trying to cause an argument.
If your teacher refuses to believe you were in an exam, contact Directgov and provide proof that that's where you were, such as a timetable.
My college can be picky with it too, I missed out on my first week of it because someone had messed up my timetable giving me a free when I actually had my first history lesson, so I got marked out for that, and then my form tutor said I would be able to miss tutorial on a day because it would have involved hanging around for three hours for a ten minute news update, and she still said it was unauthorized and I didn't get my EMA >:[
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January bonus...no, because of that bloody tutor not believing I was in an exam.
The fact that lesson in which you turn up late can void your payments for the whole week is total bull.
and jackass babe , that really does suck like a thai hooker
Surely the fact that you should have results for that exam is proof that you took it? And if you took it outside of school, get the invigilating body to contact the guy refusing to approve your EMA.
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I don't get EMA even though my parents are tight and give me nothing! I have a job to pay for myself and I'm doing 4 A-levels on top of that, whilst my jammy git friends on EMA get to spend their evenings rolling around in free money!!

Thus ends my short-but-sweet rant
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I get EMA Gotta love the fact it's done by INCOME not your assets

Anyway, it's not your college- it goes straight from the government into your bank account, you college have nothing to do with it other than signing you in the register 2 times a day.
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