when i play 15th fret on my small e string, it makes harmonics ring on my G string, the harmonics match the pitch of the 15 fret e string (G note i think) which is the same as a 5th or 24th fret harmonic on the G string, sorry if that didn't make sense, you might have to read it a few times.

is there anything i can do about this ? does anyone else get this problem?


thats normal, all the strings are connected through the bridge and the headstock and when you play one string it resonates in all the others

if you play the right pitch it'll resonate in the other strings at that pitch too (if the strings permit it, and the G string likes the vibrate at multiples of its open frequency, so and notes of the harmonic series...i.e. all the natural harmonics)
The only way to prevent this is damping the strings with your palm or something.
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yeah i've been dampening it but i have a lot of trouble dampening the G B e strings, on a bright note, i suppose it means the two strings are very well in tune
i usually use my extra left hand fingers to dampen notes like that.
it's a bit hard to get used to, but it becomes a habit.
damping rules!