i have an ibanez rg350dx which i got a few months ago. just today after i tuned it i noticed that the strings were much lower than they should be. This is because the bridge is depressed. it is so out of place in fact that the arm hits my volume and tone pots!! the strings mute whenever i bend and on a lot of notes it sounds funny.

this is the third time in about a quarter of a year that this has happened. is there something wrong with the guitar? what else could it be?

btw, i dont wank the sh*t out of my trem. i use it but it but i dont overuse it by any means.

oh and if it helps my guitar has been going sharp pretty much every time i touch it.
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Replace the springs that attach to your bridge on the inside, I think.
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Basically, you need to get your guitar set up. You must've made a string gauge change when you restrung or something, and the tension is greater than before, therefore it pulls down on the bridge, thus lowering your action and all this other problems.

You can take your guitar to a tech to get it set up, and it will play much better. Most likely you need an extra spring / new springs.
well ive already had it set up TWICE before for this reason and one of the times was only about 3 weeks ago.
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Learn to set it up yourself, it's not that hard. There's a sticky around here somewhere for that. Or look up video tutorials on youtube.
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i went to the guitar shop and got it set up again.

they said if it happens again (which im sure it will) they will replace it.

what do you suggest as a fixed bridge alternative? the shop sells ibanez and gibson basically. are there any fixed bridged gibsons at a similar price? which ibanez?
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No!! Stop Now, Plugging More Than One Pedal In At A Time Could Be A Disaster.... Your Guitar Will Explode And Kill Your Band.

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yeah that looks like a pretty sick guitar. is there such a thing as an equivalently priced gibson les paul?
well what ive noticed so far from my guitar now that its back is that it absolutely CANNOT stay in tune. no the strings werent changed.

thing about replacing this guitar is im reluctant cause i really like it. i have just had a bad experience with this guitar and my previous about their tremolos. is this just really bad luck or is there more to it?
If you get it replaced, why not just get another guitar of the same model. Chances are, it's an individual guitar problem.
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Chances are, it's an individual guitar problem.

thats what i told myself when my other guitar was messed up
when you restring a floating trem you can only restring one string at a time or else it will fall of the knife and you'll have to reset it
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yeah i know that.

its messed up again. im going to get a refund on the guitar. real pity cause i think this is a really great guitar.

what do you suggest for a fixed bridge replacement? something equivalent? im pretty much open to anything as long as it has humbuckers.

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