mkay im looking for a new cab

atm ive got...

well i dont even know what it is

its a little marshall 1x12 cab

and yeah

looking to upgrade to a quad

loking for sometin fair cheap so have been looking second hand

found a couple seymour duncan cabs for only 300 AUS

are these any good or should i steer well clear, save up a bit more and pick up a nice marshall 1960 lead or something??

i saw a couple the other day for only 650 (:


so yeah...

suggestions would be good and im planning on going second hand so is there anyhign i should be looking at??

and also in regards to ohmage, at the mo my head is 8ohms, but im lookig to get a new one soon and arent sure what that would be so what would the best ohmage kidna thing be?

and would i be able to run say... a 4ohm head through an 8ohm cab?

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What genres do you play and what head do you have?
I'm not sure about ohm displacement. Some say it's fine if you do it a certain way round (which I can't remember) but I personally would strongly advise MATCHING the ohms.
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yeah a 4 ohm head into an 8 ohm cab is cool. As long as the bigger ohm rating is in the cab, you're fine. If its the other way around you risk running too much current through the tubes or the output transformer.