I've decided to replace my ****ty fender bridge with something better.
As it cant be used as tremolo now cause it loses tune I need a new bridge (also luther told me to do that, as even after replacing keys my fender bridge was still crap).

I've been thinking about Schaller Tremolo 2000 (1way tremolo) or a full OFR (Original Floyd Rose).
So I'd like to ask you wheather the 1way tremolo will allow me to play whammy bars as much as OFRs in Ibanez guitar do?
Schaller's tremolo looks more fenderish, but if there is anything extraordinary about OFR which Schaller's tremolo doesn't have, I'd rather buy the OFR...

Oh, and by the way: is it possible to replace new bridge correctly without paying 100$ to the luther who will do it in about 20 mins?
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Well what kind of guitar is it going in, is the guitar originally routed for a floyd rose trem setup. If not that it going to cost to get the trem to literally fit. The Schaller will let you do some degree of trem use but dont expect it to hold tune as well as something like the floyd, they're not designed to pull of crazy divebombs.

I was really thrown off by you thread title as well, new bride montage
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That little mistake really must grab attention.

So you suggest OFR to make all the noises I want to make?
I'm a bit pissed off that new "american" fender stratocaster highway 1 for lots of cash appeared to be ****ty geared.
The keys were originally not keeping tune and the tremolo bridge had to be converted into the stable bridge or else it would lose the tune of my guitar.

Also paying luthers to make everything work costs in my country tremendous money :/.
Will I be able to assemble this OFR by myself?
Here is the link to this tremolo:
That this is the kind of bridge we are talking about, right?
Yeah with that kind of bridge, you need to remove some wood from the actual guitar to enable it to actually fit. You have to route around where the original bridge lies and near the nut, to accommodate for the locking nut.
Remove some wood?
How?Using knife?
That mean I will have to pay luther to do it instead of me...:/.

Hm...actually stratocaster with floyd rose looks a bit weird.
I think that this type of guitar is not designed for this.

The best way would be to get Ibanez and Schaller Tremolo for my Fender to have 2 guitars for different music types.
However I've heard that someone made his fender a fully metal guiitar by adding DiMarzio and probably replacing the bridge.
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