Here you can post your favorite DIY projects

From fox hole radios made out of razor blades and copper wire ( http://bizarrelabs.com/foxhole.htm )

To making a half pipe for your skate board

Have fun

EDIT: heres a few links

potato gun : http://glassx.googlepages.com/
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my favourite DIY project would of have to have been my old potato cannon or spud gun, or whatever you wanna call it, you can find how to make it everywhere, and theres soo many videos on youtube if you dotn knwo what it is
I have a fetish for self-assembly furniture...there i said it
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I once made a telephone.

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I made a sweet talkbox

also the original electric tin can
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manliest string guage? barbed wire.

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Dattaddah daaah! TV\Stereo furniture Took me forevver. Came out ok... not perfect, but ok. Might do it again.

Also made a bunch off diferent speaker and carstereo installs. And god damn it Im a freakin locksmith!!! Could easaly been called DIYman. I constantly do **** I dont have a clue about. DIY ftw
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I made a locking attachment for my binder with duct tape. I also fixed my blinds, my backpack, and my guitar bag...

With duct tape.
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