On beds driven by camels
we sail on the sands
like ironing a golden sheet
while clouds like boulders
send their regards
to the queen of England.
Crocodile tears fade
fast in the boiling sands
with marshmellow
in our veins
and cucumber eyes.

When we get there
we're greeted
by pointy-shoed arabs
with sleepy-eyed elephants
in morningowns
in a palace of yellow cocaine
with curtains that hang
from the moon.

The sultan of swing
in the top of the tower
is wearing a pillow of led
and lazer-ray blankets.
Don't kill us!
We came to drink bubblegumtea
and place 11-pound-stamps
on your forehead.
Two feet above the ground
fly down the road
lead to the oasis
where we put our eyes on our heads
and hide under a blanket
of denim
while all the birds sing our praises.
thanks for comment on my piece awhile back sorry it took so long for me to return the courtesy

i dont really understand what this piece is about and it doesnt seem to flow when i read it aloud
is it a song or a poem? if you were to put it to music you might be able to fix the flow problem because you can say words many different ways when singing
also the rhyming is really sporadic idk if you intended it to be like that
anyway thank you for your comment and if you would like check out the newest piece i have posted