Al crits will be returned today and tomorrow.

                                  [color="DarkRed"][size="3"]  Sparing me, mother.
	                Please mind your heads;[/SIZE]
			      [size="3"]In and [/SIZE][size="2"]out and in and out[/SIZE][size="1"] and in and out.[/SIZE]
			   [size="3"]Raving, mad, genius.
			Arbitrarily fighting images of myself.
			    Looking glass; blurred reflections.
		             Linguist assassin; bad grammar...?
		           Inhibitions fulfilled. We can laugh now.
			Nothing is history. Except...
		 God, I’m scared.

		Over and
		      Under we

					   Fail to attract.

					      Compute the answers
				            Or else...
				      Nothing changes.
			        Tomorrow will be yesterday soon enough.
			Roll your sleeves up,
		 Or else...
		Love hurts...[/SIZE][/COLOR]