I like it bro. Nice and heavy. You should speed it up. Haha. But I like your tone and how it breaks into the softer stuff. Is that a keyboard or just a second guitar? The effect you have on it is a little thick. But all in all, I like it. What are you gonna do with it next? Repeat?

I use Acoustica Beatcraft for my drums by the way. What do you use?
You can barely hear the drums in the mix, it would flow a lot better if you adjust that a little... although I know its just a test.

The bass sounds pretty good, no complaints there. In the second part are you playing the same riff on the bass as on the guitar? I would suggest following the kick drum instead of following the guitar. It would make it punch a lot harder.
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ah i use acoustica beatcraft aswell! and its all guitar, bass and drums

zeroyon I know but if i put the drums louder the cymbals really annoy people...or thats the feedback i was getting last time haha guess ill never get perfect beats with acoustica :P or maybe ill just take down the cymbals alone next time

yeh it just follows the guitar...im not too good at bass to be honest
I know exactly what you mean with the cymbals being too loud, but thats where you have to mix the drums to get it right. Bring up the kick and snare, leave the cymbals back a bit.

It just doesn't punch, like I can't follow the beat because its so far back and the bass isn't strengthening it. Some of the best bass lines are really simple, and just make you want to bob your head to the beat.

I'm terrible at bass, don't feel bad. I fumbled around on one of my songs and hated it so much I had to go to my friends place and make him put the line on it for me.
All my photobucket pics are dead so no links to my guitar build threads.
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