Hey UG,
I looked through a few pages of search results but couldn't find much on what I'm going to ask, so I guess I need to start up a new thread.

My situation is that I spent a lot of time building up my solo chops, but I'm pretty weak on chords/rhythm now. I haven't played seriously in a while because of uni, but I'm starting up again and I need some advice/direction to seriously improve my rhythm. I need some good songs/lessons/anything that will help my sense of rhythm, specifically in relation to chords, though not limited to them, improve. Any help please?? Thanks.
Learn about the major scale and how chords relate to it. Theres a good music theory for begginers lesson on UG just go to the lessons sections. As for rhythm practice with a metronome and learn how to count rhythms out "1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and".
Best thing to do for rhythm excises is to pick up a snare-rudiment book. Take the rhythms you see there (I'm assuming here that you have all the necessary prior rhythm knowledge: What the value of notes are, and how to use a metronome and how to count) and apply them to chords. If they're having you tap out a para diddle rhythm for example, make sure you assign hands/strokes. What I mean, you could tap it out right-left-right-right-left-right-left-left with your hands, and make the picking pattern down-up-down-down-up-down-up-up (Can't think of a better way to explain this sorry, mental fart :P). This will help you with awkward strum patterns and make picking up song rhythms a little easier.

If you want to take a different route, you could always listen to a bunch of classic rock songs and pick up their strum patterns. Lots of goodies, hotel california rings a bell as a good one.

Best of luck!