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2047 (Inspired by 2046)
6 40%
untitled (inspired by Mystic River)
2 13%
Correlations, two hundred and sixteen... (inspired by Pi)
7 47%
Voters: 15.

Do you know what people did in the old days..
when they had secrets
they didn't want to share?

She'd make a ring with her fingers,
and I'd whisper through them,
"Leave with me..."
Every day I would ask her,
but she never answered.

As I sat in a train compartment,
counting the lights as they flashed by.
Even if I can't feel it, I can imagine it...

I told her that in Singapore
you can tell what season it is
by the warmth of a kiss, the moisture
on a lip, the subtle urge to resist.
Its closeness to your skin, a drip of
mist pressed against your cheek,
but you never really care what...

Hours later and she would cry, a tear
comprised of rust, she would smile with
decreasing lust, bite her lip and
she would whisper "yes" into the air.

The air I was never around to breathe.

Do you know what people did in the old days..
when they had secrets
they didn't want to share?
They'd find a tree, carve a hole in it
and whisper the secret into the hole,
then cover it in mud.

One day I wondered why she would
never answer. I questioned if she loved
me or not, and so I gave up.

It doesn't matter what secrets you write,
everyone will read, but when you speak
of secrets, of admissions, of proposals
and there's no one around to hear, it is like
you never spoke at all.

Thumbelina Was Fishing For Crows Near The
Clove Cave As She Was Cut
Through A Bustling Breeze.
If she wants to speak loudly,
that bone child, she's bone white,
she laughs as if a
lantern on a calico night
streched endlessly
through rivers born
from the wind we shield
our wings from.
Her mother's breast now never
soaked in her spit,
she talks about how she
always knew it was coming,
she calls herself "clairvoyant."
A police man lives near the
bridge above the Cincinatti River,
she calls him a quitter, but he cries
sinking ships, wooden wicker
boats with cotton sails,
"Oh love, oh dear, oh my."
He had become a silent
twist of thorns,
tangled blackberries
bleeding their
blistered seeds,
and the rest of my life he
always stared out past
the rocks to horizon's glare.
This girl was born naked,
innocently she died,
floating near the cat tails
and a pond where her mother would drink,
and watch the deer graze.
And through the rest of my life
she waited for her there.

Correlations, two hundred and sixteen...

12: 35 Restate my assumptions ;
Mathematics is the language of nature.
Where one and one can equal three
These are not just intentions for “you” and “me”,
It’s the final answer, the closure.
This pain in my brains only shows up
When everything intensifies, when I get
So close where I can extend my arm
And almost touch it, it intensifies
When I go too far, how far is too far?

5: 47 Personal note;
Everything around us can be represented
And understood through numbers,
The freezing point, the copper coins, the sunflower.
There must be a solution for that goddamn spiral,
When you blow out your cigarette, it’s motion, see
When you pour milk in black coffee,
The way we’re running circles while getting
Further. You. Me.
The stock market. Every Go game. All that chaos.
This headache. Pain. Pain.

11 : 43 Results :
If you graph the numbers of any system,
Patterns emerge.
And you see connections. Medicine. Crashes.
The Torah. The true name of God. Marijuana.
It was given to me, this madness, this ability,
The digits, this disease. When I was six my mother
Told me not to stare into the sun.
So I did.
Before crashing,
I saw the light.
And became aware
Of my own existence.
I'm leaning towards Steve's, as a personal favorite, but matt's is still excellent. I'll have to go through them a few more times to decide. Best of luck to you two.

btw, polls opened 5 days.

also, I lol'ed @ steve's sig.
Noooo Mat pie. Like Matt on bottom, me in middle and Mat on top.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.