There is a pretty new band out and they are called "We the Kings". Their song "Check Yes Juliet" was the free download of the week and I downloaded it. So then I went to their CD because Check Yes Juliet was really good. Their CD was decent so I bought it. It's in iTunes plus which is great. It was also $5.99 when I bought it. Have any of you people heard of them? If you haven't did you check them out? Did you like them? What do you think?
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Haha. I found them one day when I was going through myspace looking for relatively unknown bands. I fell in love with the song Skyway Avenue, and learned it. I played it for my now girlfriend on valentine's day and asked her out after I played. She said yes, obviously. They are a great band.
I saw them live a few months back at some outdoor UCF frat festival called Rock The Wreath.

They ****ing killed it! They even started a lil' mosh thingy. Not much, but it was fun. Also at the end, during they're encore the cops had to cut the power. A few people got arrested, plus it was raining like fuck.

Good show. Good band live.
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I saw them W/ Boys like girls and i was a big fan before that. Cant wait to see them at warped tour.
Are they even indie or alternative? They've always sounded like pop rock to me.
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