For music GCSE, i can either do a britpop composition or a metal composition. I'm too lazy to figure out guitar riffs (since i'm a drummer and noob bassist), so i figured it would be easier to slap a few chords together and come up with a few lyrics.

Any ideas on what song to base my peice on, given that i could just change the lyrics about and mess up the beat. Preferably a Blur song or similar.

i had to do a jazz/blues piece for my composition
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You could just make the rhythm and beat, really generic. Like, 'Paranoid' by Black Sabbath.
Wtf has happened to music GCSE with the new sylabus? The closest we got to modern music were 12 bar blues?

Britpop? I mean, come on. Its not exactly the most stylistic type of music out there.

If only I could have done metal .
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