I made an earlier thread but it was just wrong i talked to a guy at guitar center and told me what i needed to start but i need some help on what to choose.
So i want to use my electric guitar and acoustic guitar also adding autotune and electronic beats into it.

So i need an audio interface, he recommended Lexicon Lambda USB Audio Interface and i looked into it and seems perfect. Then he told me i need a condenser mic im not to sure what the difference is between a condenser mic and just a plain old mic are so that's where i need help. I have a $250 spending limit, my dad said he would take me to guitar center to get what i need.

I think i found a good condenser mic to record my vocals and acoustic guitar.
MXL 990 Condenser Microphone Is this a good mic Then i guess i have to get a stand too, and while im there i should just get a pop filter? Is there anything im missing?

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You certainly don't need a condenser, at least not necessarily. It will most likely give a better result with acoustic, though, and I have heard good things about the MXL one you mentioned. Never, tried it myself though.

You should only get a pop filter if you plan to record vocals.

What do you mean by autotune ?
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if you plan on recording mostly acoustic guitar, go with the condenser. If you plan on recording mostly heavily distorted electric guitar, go with a shure sm58. and you don't need a pop filter. on a budget that limited, I wouldn't even bother. spend the money on cables and stuff.
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A Shure sm57 can record all you need w/o a pop filter.
You don't need a condenser for acoustic but the MXL 990/991 used at the same time does sound good on acoustics...

I suggest the 990/991 set which is only a little more than the 990 alone and comes with a nice preamp you can use if you don't really like the ones in the interface you have there.


The interface you are looking at is good but you will only be able to record two mics at one time using Reaper as its a USB interface.
The 990 alone is fair but the 990/991 would work better on acoustic guitar, the 990 is good for vocals, and the 991 is good for amp cabs.

The SM57 is $100, same as the MXL set so I would say just go with the MXL...

Pop filters are nice to have and I would say its best to use one with the 990 mic.
I use this metal Nady product which works well but most pop filters will do the trick so if GC has one for a lower price, go for that.


See if they can toss in a mic stand for free for you as well, GC is known for working out deals if you talk to them long enough.
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I made my own pop filter with a pair of pantyhose and a crochet hoop. Works a treat. Total cost = about $6.

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