im currently learning how to finger pick after 7 years of picking and powerchording. Can anyone reccomend any good songs to learn? please dont say classical gas that song is giving me a rather large amount of pain at the moment
tears in heaven, change the world, stairway to heaven intro, more than words...not sure if that helps, but thats what i used to start off...
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dustin in the wind-kansas
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any song by 3, although I doubt you'll be able to play Joey Eppard's parts (they're hard and there aren't many tabs of their songs online).
"Classical Soul"

Sounds like Classical Gas but is a lot easier!
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any song by 3, although I doubt you'll be able to play Joey Eppard's parts (they're hard and there aren't many tabs of their songs online).

3 is one of my favorite bands. eppard actually inspired me to learn classical style. some serious prog rock there. but his playing is pretty tricky, so give that a while. when you can nail classical gas or something comparable try to find a good tab for bramfatura. i think there's one on here, and they have fan-made tabs on their website in the forums (theband3.com). i think the one here is missing a small part, but at that ponit if you listen to it you could probably figure it out. it's hard, but it's a guaranteed show-stopper.
in the meantime, try the trees by rush, and you could also learn more than a feeling by boston if you can find a good tab. it converts to fingerstyle very well, though you still have to strum the chorus and the bit after the chorus. those two are fairly easy.
Try Jim Groce's I have to say I love You In a Song.Kansas...yeah Dust in the Wind
"Vincent" by Don McLean

"Is there anybody out there" by Pink Floyd
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^^ thats a good suggestion ..............

No doubt : Don't Speak
The Light and the Glass, Always and Never, and IRO-Bot by Coheed and Cambria. Easter, The Missing McCloud Boys, Our Darling Daughter....., and Wayne Andrews by the Prize Fighter Inferno. Dust in the Wind is also a good easy one, but its already been suggested several times.
Its been said 10000000000 times before, but Blackbird is a good starter. Angel by Matt Nathanson is super easy, and Late Winter Early Spring (When Everyone Goes to Mexico) is awesome, pick out John Denvers part in the back and it sounds great.
+1000 "Tears In Heaven", "Hey Hey"

By Zeppelin: "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You", and "Your Time is gonna come"
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Support the troops-country joe, If some one can figure out the chords it's a good very simple fingerpicked song.

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gotta go with the simple; blackbird, and ode to joy

i think those are the only songs i can play the whole way through without messing up (yeah, sad i know.. never been able to fingerpick good. i don't know how many times i've tried learning landslide by fleetwood mac.. just can't keep up.)
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