so i finally manage to get enough money to get my new guitar and to my shock and horror the only one i've managed to find in my town is sold, and seeing as epiphone/gibson aren't stocking cape town any more (i was goin for a tony iommi sg) i dont think im goona be able to get hold of one

so the obvious choice would to have one shipped over
however i'm quite sceptical about doing this, worried about things getting damaged, goods not being sent, etc
and it doesnt help that i live in south africa some thousands of kilometers away

so my question is if anyone has experience with shipping axes from the US and any knowledge which could help me out in this situation

Cheaper + Your future axe has been on a boat compared to your other axes.


Can get dented and easier to be hit. If that makes sence?
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Well thing is; people who can search through loads of Les Pauls for example to check them all out, as the wood, build quality and actual quality of SOUND can vary hugely; so you could be spending money on a dissapointing product, or get lucky and get an amazing one; it's a bit of a lottery
Shipping from the USA can also be an issue due to cost, which means its often cheaper to drive a little bit and find a shop that has what you want.
(^ +1 basically)

if postage (and customs etc.) isn't prohibitively expensive, and you buy from a company with known good QC, and it's insured shipping, it's probably not a problem.
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