I've recently decided to possibly trade in/sell my Schecter C-7 Hellraiser at Guitar Center, if a reasonable price or trade happened to be available. It's a great guitar, but it just doesn't suit my playing style.

It's practically brand new, I recieved it for Christmas '06 and played it maybe twenty or so times, briefly.

Any ideas on the prices or trades they might suggest?


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How much would I have to shell out order to get something like this?
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Marshall MG100HDFX!!!!one111!! just kidding.

They might offer something like an Epiphone or an Ibanez for the guitar and a bit of change.
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Any idea on the dollar amount they might provide, though?

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I was actually going to ask about that - does anyone know if a place like Sam Ash or something or other would have a better deal?

It also has a hardcase brand new too, btw...

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To get a rough idea of what you can expect from either selling it to a music store or pawnshop, do the following:

1. Look up how much COMPLETED listings for the same item have sold on ebay.
2. Take that amount, and divide that in half.
3. Don't add any amount even if it's in perfect condition, but subtract 5%-10% if less than mint.

That's about what they'll give you in cash. If you look to try and trade it in or get in-store credit, you might make a little more, but not much and never what you would get for it on ebay or craigslist.
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