hey guys, i wanna make a guitar but i just can't seem to find good wiring blueprints. links and pictures will be very appreciated
The seymour duncan site has some good stock wiring schemes.
If you want something a little more specialised, the Guittarnuts forums have some good schematics, and the guys there are really friendly, and always willing to help.
thanks guys, but what's that arrow looking like thing on some of the strings mean? it says at the bottom to "solder all grounds (then it shows a picture of the thing) together and be sure all parts are grounded." i'll try to get a pic if you don't know what i mean. edit: (it was the site the first guy reccomended)
That's a ground symbol. It means that every point that's connected to that symbol gets connected to the lowest potential in the circuit. In the case of guitars, that would be the sleeve (outside ring) of the guitar jack.
Please, do yourself a favor and read up on basic electronics (signal flow, symbols, etc) so you have an idea of how a guitar works. It's basically redirecting the signal on its path from the pickup to the output jack but you need a solid understanding of the internal stuff first.