with my 15 watt MG, i rarely put the volume higher than 4, and i know tube amps sound better cranked.

so my question is, since i rarely, if ever, need to make it louder, do i need a tube?
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well, i dont hate it as much as other people seem to, it just leaves alot to be desired
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If you are not sure whether you need a new amp, chances are you don't.

Get one when you feel like it, not because everyone tells you to.

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ok thanks guys. cuz if and when my ibanez sells, ill have lots of $$$ and i was thinking new amp
Jackson Dinky DKMGT
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well, i dont hate it as much as other people seem to, it just leaves alot to be desired


I have the same amp.
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Yes you need one, no the Vox Valvetronix isn't tube. No, your not getting a Marshall AVT. Yes, it will make you sound better. No, your not buying a 100w solid state amp unless its a Randall or H&K.

Firstly, if he doesn't need to play loudly, then the Vox and the Marshall AVT are fine, they're both decent amps. Secondly, I play with a H&K Vortex every Friday with a band, and yes its loud but the tone is utter ****e, the overdrive has no clarity and its just a noise.
I dont think you do really, but having said that if you believe the mg leaves something to be desired and you dont want loud volume you can try looking into low wattage tube

the Laney LC15 or VC15 for example would probably suit your needs fairly well and not be to loud (depending on your tastes, LC is more modern gain kinda thing whilst the VC is a more British vintage voice)
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check it

5 watts tube
can get it into amazing overdrive without making your ears bleed.
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Valve Standard.
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I know you dont want to play to loudly ..so you got a few options..
You can get a nice digital amp..you can get an almost decent tube
similar tone...(note ALMOST DECENT)

A tube is really great. A good tube amp will make your solid state
sound like a blanket is laying over it. Tubes change as the volume
goes up so it will sound sweeter and sweeter the more u crank it.
thats not so good in your situation.

I got a spider III 210 (which some say is the origin of aids, eboli,
and every other ungodly disease) ..which i like pretty good.

and i have a peavey valve king 212 and it gives me eargasms..

I love solid states for covers...makin that cassette tape walkman
tone from back in the day..lol
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if you want the br00talz, get a tube amp.
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btw..if you love stuff like A7X...u definately need tubes
I bet Charlie Brown's teacher's name was Mrs.Hammett
Valve standard if you wanted a cheap quieter tube amp.

Honestly theres not THAT much point though. Admitadly i upgraded from my fender frontman to a cube 15 because i just didnt like the sound of the frontman to a point that i never bothered playing plugged in (always do now!) But theres no real need to upgrade your sound quality unless other people are going to be listening (i.e. gigging / recording).
It would still sound better then a MG at lower volumes.
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The thing about a tube amp is you really don't know how much you need it until you hear it. You're going to get at least $1500 for that guitar; that translates to a very good tube amp. Go listen to amps in that range and decide for yourself whether or not you need it. Do NOT make a decision based on how you think your current amp sounds; play on some tube amps at various volumes and make the decision yourself. I know that personally, I was satisfied with my solid state amp (it's a good SS amp too, I'm currently using it to amplify my keyboard) until I played around on a tube amp and realised how amazing they are.
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