so heres the deal -
as a backup guitar, I have a 60th anniversary MIM strat.
I dont use it much because
a) the action is a but high for my tastes
b) the pickups suck in comparison to my tele
c) i hate the floating bridge

so i wanna lower the action a bit, make it a hardtail (w/o changing the bridge) and change the pickups
I have a dimarzio bridge hotrails and a tele neck lipstick in my closet.
I have absolutely no experience doing any of those things
I have a pretty tight budget.
I dont know what tools i need, what do to, or how long it should take.
All I do know is I will need a soldering iron and phillips screwdriver, and that the lipstick will pose a slight size issue.
I do want to do it myself though, more for the experience than anything.

Do a Google search for Strat Tips, theres a good website around designed specifically for Strats that will tell u about the action and bridge adjusting. As for pickups, i dont think u can use the Tele pickup on your Strat, or else youll need to do some routing and trim your pickguard down some. The Hot Rails will work tho.
were you talking about this page?
cuz it does help a lot for the pickups and hardtail (clamped).

and I found this for the action.
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