It's not quite finished. I'm not really quite sure where to go with it from here, but I just want to know what people think so far. Any feedback, negative or positive is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Edit: I suppose I could post the URL to it...durrhhhh


It's the one called "needs work"

Thanks again.
Damn, thats some fast playing! Nice job. It has a great sound to it, but needs to go somewhere, I think. I like when it breaks down a bit, but thought it could break down even more... like really crank the beat down and chug along a little. Throw a sick lead over the top and do that for like 30 seconds or something. Then jam right back into the fast riff.

Just an idea, changes like that are cool. As fast as your stuff is, you may not be interested slowing it down, though.
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I was actually thinking of changing over to a clean part. Something in Bm with a slower lead, with maybe a change to Gbm, still playing clean, but speeding up slightly and then change back into the verse but have a variation or something on it with a fast as hell blazing arpeggio solo. I dunno...maybe I'm trying too hard.

As far as drums, I use Acoustica Beatcraft. It's simple to use and it sounds pretty good. I have a drummer that can actually play it though. In fact, when I send him the drum tracks, he'll probably say it's too easy and re-do it anyway, but those were just to move the song along. As far as the thin tone, I never use mids, they just don't sound right to me. I tried to make up for it with reverb and panning the tracks over each other, but I was hoping maybe adding bass and vocals would thicken it up some more.
Very cool. where are the vocals at?!
The constant double bass does get a little repetetive, but since you said your drummer will probably redo it, I'll just leave that alone. Other then that, good work.

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