I wrote this (of course).
Drums are fake (you should be able to tell).
I have two variations on the verse, a chorus, and a solo.
Crit for Crit.
I should get a complete song soon.
Tell me how you like it.
Hey, you've got drums! Seems like you're on the right track now.

It's the same bass part, right?

Work out some transitions in the drums and it will sound great.
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Nice dude, some parts of this had some serious groove to it xD

It's not too common for me to hear a bassist doing something other than backup, so kudos on that right away ^_^

The drums were p. decent, did I read your post correctly? It looked as though you said the drums were in your pedal?

Anyway I thought that this was a p. cool track, it's def. a great foundation for something bigger.

Crit me?

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yup im getting my buds to add...rythm, lead guitar...and vocals...yes like 15 drum presets came in my multi effects pedal to help practice if needed :P